Accessibility statement

My Resolution Hub

At MRH, we strongly believe that consumers should have an equal standing when it comes to complaining, regardless of technology or ability. With this in mind, we want to make our site accessible to as many users as possible.



We built our site to be compatible with the following versions of web browsers and assistive technologies:



  • Internet Explorer 11 and above;
  • Mozilla Firefox 58 and above;
  • Safari 11 and above;
  • Chrome 64 and above;
  • Edge 16 and above;
  • Opera 50 and above.


Assistive technologies

  • JAWS 17 and above;
  • VoiceOver iOX 10.7, iOS 5 and above;
  • NVDA 2017.4 and above;
  • Supernova 16.06 and above;
  • WindowEyes 7 and above.

Older versions of the above browsers and assistive technologies will still display our websites, but expect mixed results as they may interpret HTML, CSS and javascript differently.