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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Where ADR meets ODR


Alternative dispute resolution, also known as ADR, has been developed as an alternative path to resolving issues than taking the dispute to court.

This alternative route may be required as the client doesn’t have the financial backing to support a court case, or they may find such situations incredibly stressful, so a way of communicating, mediation and resolution out of the court system may be a much more viable option.





Alternative dispute resolution is generally much quicker than court, taking a matter of months rather than years. However, those working in the dispute resolution sector know how lengthy the process can still become. Keeping track of all communication, from letters and phone calls, to emails and video messaging. Even the best of us can provide a story or two of missing documents and lost phone call transcripts! This type of working nearly always results in matters being discussed repeatedly, potential changing of accounts and this causes a lot of additional work for the dispute resolution professional managing the case. This is where online dispute resolution (ODR) can be the answer to these time costing and at times, annoying problems. Using an ODR platform, a dispute resolution professional has the ability to shave hours off the dispute process, keeping all communication visible to all  parties involved and an online storage of supporting documents and evidence.  



My Resolution Hub (MRH)  is a purpose built online dispute resolution platform created by dispute resolution experts for dispute resolution experts. The platform allows for improved efficiency throughout the resolution process, reducing costs per case, whilst ensuring transparency and security for a quick and fair resolution. All communication is captured and stored in one place alongside uploaded documents and supporting evidence, so easily accessed and secure.



MRH is also completely customisable and brandable, so can be integrated into an existing system, allowing you to import and export information quickly and easily, ensuring your dispute resolution process is seamless, cost and time effective.

So if you want to improve your alternative dispute resolution processes by taking it online, get in touch for a full demo today to see how MR can help you improve your dispute resolution services.