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Finding the right online dispute resolution platform for your business


Online dispute resolution, also known as ODR, is becoming the go to process for many companies to practically and positively handle their complaints procedures. 

But are you aware of the whole process required for online dispute resolution, and what platforms are available? Do you know the level of work involved or what you need to have in place to effectively implement an online dispute resolution platform?


Why is there a need for ODR?



Online dispute resolution is set to be the most cost effective and time efficient way to handle disputes. The online resolution process can offer businesses and complainants complete transparency, quick and efficient communication, document upload and storage and easy access by experts involved in the dispute case.

This ease of use, and reduced cost is a winner for many businesses, especially those in the SME category, as the costs involved from the initial evaluation of complaint, to negotiation, mediation and possibly adjudication could cost a small business thousands of pounds that they don’t have to lose on legal and court proceedings. 

My Resolution Hub (MRH) is a purpose built online dispute resolution platform, created by the consumer complaints gurus at Resolver, and is heavily focused on making the resolution procedure as easy as possible to use for all parties involved in the dispute process.



MRH offers a completely transparent dispute resolution process for all involved, from complainant right up to adjudicator and ombudsman if necessary. The online dispute resolution platform offers easy to use processes, with step by step guides for each stage of the dispute, evidence and supporting document upload, and prompt and automated communication generated at each stage of decision making, which is automatically sent to each person involved in the case. The automation of communication and the recorded timeline of a dispute alone is an incredible time and cost saving aspect of MRH.

To learn more about the resolution revolution that is ODR from My Resolution Hub, why not get in touch today, where a free demo of the dispute resolution platform can be arranged.