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How moving to an online dispute resolution process can streamline your complaints procedures


The process for dealing with a raised complaint can seem long winded, complicated and in many cases, a logistical nightmare when trying to obtain statements, paperwork and supporting evidence from all parties involved. 


By taking your complaints procedures online you are able to streamline the entire process into a simple and sensible method. Allowing complainants and respondents to have full transparency of the case as it progresses, ensuring all parties are fully up to speed via automation of services, such as email communication and generating summaries of information as it is shared and applied.


It all starts with a raised issue.



As with most disputes, the online dispute resolution process starts with a consumer raising an issue. This can range from a product not being at the advertised, breakages, services not being provided, agreements not being adhered to or a consumer being treated unfairly or unkindly during communication with a company. 

By engaging with an online dispute resolution platform, like My Resolution Hub, you can allow a consumer to select the company to which they would like to raise a complaint, enabling them to complete information fields that you can customise (even to that particular sector of business), provide explanation of their complaint, and upload supporting documents, such as receipts or policy paperwork. There is opportunity for the consumer to state what outcome they hope to achieve through the online dispute resolution process too. 

From here an evaluator can then pick up the case, processing the information given by the consumer in an easy to follow summary, responding to the specific points and progressing the dispute to the next step, resolve or negotiate!

My Resolution Hub doesn’t stop there, with each stage of the online dispute resolution process, emails are sent to all parties to inform and update them. If either party are unhappy with the suggested negotiation proposal, the process is then moved to online mediation and ultimately adjudication.



My Resolution Hub provides the full ODR platform that can integrate with your existing system to resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently, reducing costs, enhancing your customer experience, whilst fully adhering to GDPR.

Why not get in touch with us today to request a free demo and see how MRH is the online dispute resolution process best to streamline your complaints to resolution procedures.