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My Resolution Hub – Online Dispute Resolution


Disputes between a company and consumer happen everyday. No matter how hard a company works to avoid disputes, the unfortunate truth is it will inevitably happen at some point in that company’s existence (though hopefully not too often!)


They can be costly for any company in both terms of time spent on them – and fees incurred going to court or to an Ombudsman.

Normally disputes classed as low value don’t need to go to court and can be successfully resolved using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Resolving issues this way saves time and costs compared to court proceedings, but it does still rely on appointments to discuss the issues being raised, a case worker waiting for supporting documents, which then need to be processed and kept in a safe place, and then, most probably, returned to the owner of at the end of the dispute. These are all major factors that can make these types of disputes long winded and frustrating for all parties involved. 



The time has come for a new generation of alternative dispute resolution – dispute resolution online!  

From the trusted company Resolver – who have handled more than 7 million complaints – comes My Resolution Hub (MRH) – an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)  tool, created by dispute resolution experts for dispute resolution experts.

MRH’s mission is to enable positive resolutions to disputes for all parties: disputants, respondents, ADR providers, Courts and Tribunals, ensuring quick and fair outcomes for all mediation, adjudication and resolution all taking place online.



The complete case management platform has been developed to ensure transparency throughout the dispute process, to provide secure online messaging and the ability to securely upload supporting documents and evidence. All communication is visible for all parties involved and this efficient  line of communication ensures for a speedy resolution to the issues raised.

MRH is also completely customisable so can be integrated into an existing system to allow the transfer of information quickly and efficiently.

To learn how MRH can work for you and take your dispute resolution online, why not get in touch and see a demo